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Subject: Re: Interest in Volcanos ? EDITED !
From: Dave Nelson davenn@...............
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 11:13:49 +1000

  just an edit to correct a couple of serious mistakes in the last posting

Hi Jon,
              I have a great love of volcanoes,  preferably up close and=20
   the list of volcanoes I have visited around the world, both active and=20
is slowly growing   :)   not to mention the dozens of extinct ones=20
specifically visited
for samples and onsite study.
   where possible collecting rock/ash samples for study .

  Volcanoes ...   location   ..........                  ..... yr/s visited
   Mt St Helens, Washington State, USA ....   active...   1999 / 2006
   Mt Ruapehu, Nth Island, New Zealand   ..... active .... 1983
   Mt Tongariro, Nth Island, New Zealand   ..... active .... 1983
   Mt Ngarahoe, Nth Island, New Zealand   ..... active .... 1983
   Kilauea Volcano,  Hawai'i  ...........               active .... 1999
   Ta'al Volcano,  Luzon, Philippines      .......   active .... 2000 / 2005

   some longer term dormant ones but by no means extinct
   Mauna Kea,  Hawai'i
   Mauna Loa,  Hawai'i
   Mt Hood,    Washington State, USA
   Mt Shasta, California State, USA
   Mt Taranaki (Egmont), Nth Is, New Zealand,

and a few photographed from a distance
several others in the Philippines
Lassen Peak', USA
Mt Ranier, USA

Truely extinct volcanoes ...

    The Dunedin Volcano and the others of the SE coast of the South Is.of=
   extensive study during my BSc studies
   The ones around Flagstaff,  Arizona, USA

Wishlist  for visits .....

Vanuatu's active volcanoes
other active ones in Philippines
Indonesian volcanoes including Merapi and Anak Krakatoa
Indonesia is paradise for volcano touring  :)
and ohhhhh  if it wasnt for the hi cost ..... Japan...
3 main ones there  would be Sakura jima. Fuji, and Unzen

  Lifetime highlight .....  "playing" in the lava flows from Kilauea in 1999
  scooping up 800 -1000 deg lava in soup ladels and other impliments

   Thanks to Tony, from the Big Island ... also a member of the PSN

Dave Nelson

At 04:57 AM 14/10/2006 +0000, you wrote:
>Is anyone here intrested in volcanos, along with earthquakes ?
>J=F3n Fr=EDmann

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