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Subject: Re: Questions
From: John Popelish jpopelish@........
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:17:41 -0400

tchannel wrote:
> 3.  Presently I am building a Plexiglas box.  
 > But would it help to reduce noise if I built
 > a second box wrapped with alum foil?
 > Or other ideas on building a box which would make a 
positive different?

Though it is nice to look through a Plexiglass box, it is 
not a very good thermal performer.  you can buy a 4 by 8 
foot sheet of foam insulation form any builder's supply, 
including possibly one that has a foil surface.  This can be 
cut into rectangles and fit together into a very light 
weight and thermally insulating box for a fraction of the 
cost of a Plexiglass one.

Add a night light or other small heat source to the top, 
inside, to stratify the temperature inside the box, to 
suppress convection currents at night, when the floor is 
warmer than the air.

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