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Subject: Re: Question about expected performance
From: Larry Conklin lconklin@............
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:40:17 -0400

Hi Ted,

I have been running a Shakelford-Gunderson sensor since mid 2000, and in 
that time have collected a little over 500 events.  I made up a couple 
of Excel spreadsheets to keep track of them.  The spreadsheets 
automatically plot the events on a magnitude - distance scatter plot 
along with a color coded (and very subjective) measure of "quality" of 
the detection.  At my location in central NY my plots show a lot of 
detections from about Mag 5.5 and up at ranges of 3000 mi and greater. 
  Closer in than 3000 mi, I see a lot of stuff at lower magnitudes.  I 
think the noise performance of my set-up leaves a lot to be desired but 
that otherwise, it seems to do about as well as people are reporting for 
their Lehmans.  I could send you copies of my data if you're interested. 
  I think this listserve strips off attachments, but I will send the 
info directly to anyone who is curious.

Larry Conklin

tchannel wrote:

> Q 2. What are the expectations of a Lehman sensor?  I know that depends 
> on many factors, and not the lease of which is the quality of the 
> sensor, and its environment, as well as the type and location of the 
> events.  But just in general terms. The AS1, which is not a Lehman 
> suggest one should be able to see 6.0m from several thousand mile away, 
> or something like that.
> The reason I ask, I do hear statements, both over and under my 
> expectations.  Time will tell, but I wanted your opinions.
> Cheers, Ted

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