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Subject: Re: weather
From: Richard Webb dwebb002@.............
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 16:20:38 -0400


Could be something as simple as wind in the trees disturbing the 
ground.  I see the same problem because my vault, although 6 feet below 
ground level is in a wooded area and roots go quite deep.


tchannel wrote:
> Hi All,   I was so happy with my sensor, over the last few day.  I had 
> a major problem with thermos, which disappeared with my insulated 
> box.   This question has to do with weather changes, and why that 
> effects noise.
> A day ago the tract was quiet at night and a little bit of noise 
> during the day time and city activities.
> Many hours ago a cold front came thru, arriving at 8:00 pm with 
> winds.   The trace went from quite to noisy several hour ahead of the 
> front.  You could look at the trace and see the change as the front 
> got closer.   This weather should move out in the next 24 hours.  So I 
> expect things will go back to normal.
> I don't understand, what is stimulating the sensor.
> 1.  Does it respond to barometric pressure changes?
> 2.  When wind is part of the storm, and the wind moves the trees, is 
> this transferred thru the ground to the sensors as earth movements?
> 3.  Would a bolt of lightening be displayed on the trace?
> As a front approaches it is like the atmosphere starts to fill with 
> electromagnet noise.  I'm just trying to understand what creates it.
> Inside the garage and inside the box it seem so isolated, no wind, no 
> air current, no vibrations or physical movements. Yet the sensor can 
> see a front hours before it arrives.
> Thanks, Ted


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