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Subject: RE: New sensor in use
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Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 07:30:05 -0700

Jon -

You could be picking up ground movement initiated by movement of =
trees, or anything else the wind strikes even though that object is =
at some distance from the sensor.  I have the same problem in Arizona.  =
sensor is over 25 m from my house, over 60 cm deep, and I see ground
movement when the wind blows.  It's very difficult to get away from =
you go much deeper with your installation.

Bob Hancock

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Subject: New sensor in use

Hi all

Yesterday I did switch geophones and I did start to use a diffrent
geophone that I did buy last summer. Based on the data so far, it
appears that the geophone picks up the wind even if he is underground. I
do not understand the reason why this happens. The geophone also picks
up limited amount of noise from my block, but the distance from the
house is ~8 meters. The depth down to the sensor is ~80 cm, that is why
I am surpriced of seeing wind noise.

I also did change the connections from the geophone and into the main
cable, I now simply wire the wires together and I add a simple wire
skrew with a plastic shield to make sure that the connection doesn't
loosen up.

J=F3n Fr=EDmann


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