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Subject: Re: My seismometer vault solution
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 05:06:24 -0700

Hello All;

These are some speculations into making a good geophone installation.

I looked further into the clossal caves of
Tucson Arizona USA and this is what i found:

"Today visitors take a fifty-minute, one-half mile guided tour down six stories into Colossal Cave to see the beautiful formations."

It seems that to get a stable temp of 70F at 90% to 100% RH you need to be about 6 stories underground. I am not sure what a story 
is but if it is 15 feet then thats about 100Feet underground.

I was there for a visit many years ago and got very ill after vacationing there I think those caves when they are full of people are 
little more then vectors for diseases.

If I could i would bore a 6inch hole 50 feet to 100 feet deep then somehow place my geophone there.

Otherwise I would isolate the geophone with very good insulation and moisture protection on a tripod of metal stakes driven into the 
base of the hole  with a ceramic tile glued with liquid nails or something. Try to vibrationally isolate the body of the geophone 
from the sides of the hole.

It seems to me a proper installation is not really possible for the average person.

It is too expensive.

Have you ever seen a geophone that is resistant to higher freq vibrations by being placed on a foam like material instead of hard 
ground ???
Such a thing might if it can be adjusted right might reduce higher freq noise without affecting the range we desire to look at ??

Sort of like the submarine makers isolating moving machinery from the hull etc...
The sound radiation is reduced but the item/machinery still travels with the sub whose motions
are relatively slower then the vibrations.



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