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Subject: RE: Geophone source
From: "Timothy Carpenter" geodynamics@.......
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 17:42:56 -0500

A fellow using the handle "sazequip" has been selling geophones on ebay =
many months. His supply consists of 28-Hz vert and 4.5-Hz horiz. He's =
selling in lots of three, strings of 6 or 12 and multiple strings (just
recently he unsuccessfully tried to sell 10-strings of 12-sensors each). =
should consider dropping him a note from within ebay. Also if you do a
search on his name for "completed items" you can see what he has been
offering. Unfortunately the 28-Hz vert units are probably too high a
frequency to be useful in EQ monitoring.

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Subject: Geophone source

Hi all,
Anyone know of a source of cheap 10 Hz or better geophones or geophone=20
cartridges?  There's a guy selling kits including a cartridge and=20
display board on Ebay for $26+$8, but I was holding out for even less. =20
I was interested in 8 or so.  I think All Electronics used to have
some but they're not in their catalog anymore.

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