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Subject: Thank you and another question from Sophie
From: Sophie Talbot sophie@..................
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 21:45:38 +0000

Sophie here again,
Thank you for all the replies to my last question, I've had an
interesting weekend looking at loads of information. I know all about
the BGS as dad works there and his best friend runs the Monserrat
Volcano Observatory where I got interesed in seismology.
I think I have decided on this sensor: as dad
says he has all the bits to make it and most of the BGS sites seem to
use vertical component sensors. Also these electronics: , dad says he is out of
practice at making electronic things so we better  buy some! We have an
old  pentium 3 laptop that will collect the data and dad says he knows
ways of using our home network and internet time services to keep the
time on it correct to within a few hundreths of a second.
Does this look an OK way to start a seismology hobby station? I can see
lots more I can do later but that looks a quick, easy way to get going.



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