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Subject: "C" Spring Seismometer
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 13:10:29 -0700

I know for a fact that spring companies will build you a custom spring but you must pay setup charges that are quite steep making
the very first spring the most expensive of all. Possibly we could somehow combine our resources to have a proper custom spring made
to build that machine Sophie likes because i like it too, If you put limits in its ability to move loss of the mass will cause
little damage. Since the magnet/coil arrangement does not induce voltages with horizontal motion that weakeness will not keep you
Maybe we could all chip in $10 apiece or so
to collect enough to have a custom leaf spring built.
I can not handle the monies due to legal complications
but maybe someone at PSN would be willing
to do so ?  Chris would probably be the best one
to send in the design ??

from getting a first time of arrival. I have never seen such a device before but the lack of a hinge and the 4 second eigen
frequency makes it a very desirable design for myself. Is anyone interested in somehow getting a spring company like "Century" to
build a custon spring ???

The setup charges are like maybe $200 or so I think.
Not sure it was quite awhile ago i looked into this.

Isnt that hack saw blade a kind of leaf spring and a similar idea would be a torque-tube spring.
I made a simple seismometer using an antenna element as a torque-tube spring but circumstances beyond my control destroyed my
ability to test the idea fully.

I have not been getting any new PSN mail since
MSIE updated itself to version 7.
Is there something wrong at PSN ??



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