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Subject: Re: Homebrew 3 axis Geophone Torpedo Container
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 02:05:17 -0800

Hi Dave,

Good question. I'm not sure how much spacing you need between the sensor elements. I 
would make the tubing a little longer and space the sensors farther apart. When 
stacking and burying the sensor make sure that the vertical sensor is straight up and 
down and the horizontal sensors are perpendicular to the vertical sensor. You should 
also move the aliment bubble on the L15B to the new enclosure so you can orient the 
sensor properly when you bury it.

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

Dave Willey wrote:
> I'm contemplating another spin-off project for burying my 3 axis 
> geophone in a new site in the back of my property.
> I have one of Larry's used orange geophones (Mark Products 4.5Hz 3 
> component L15B Sensor) in the shape of a  "margarine tub" as Larry has 
> pictured on the PSN website, (See 
> I was thinking of replacing the housing (which for me is broken and 
> cracked in several places), and vertically stacking the 3 geophones  (in 
> the same axis orientation as the original container), and building a 
> water-tight  6 to 8 " long  2" dia. PVC water pipe "torpedo" to be 
> placed in the bottom of a 6 foot deep  6 inch  diameter bore hole, 
> surrounded by sand. on all 6 sides.
> My question for you all is  will there be any noticeable magnetic 
> interaction between the 3 units I need to worry about with stacking them 
> about .25 - .5 inches apart inside the PVC tubing?
> Thanks,
> Dave Willey


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