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Subject: Re: Noise
From: John or Jan Lahr JohnJan@........
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 23:30:12 -0800


I would be helpful to see some examples of this=20
noise.  Can you put an hour-long file on Larry's=20
site so that others can take a close look?

Also, a photograph of your sensor would be of interest.


At 08:22 PM 11/30/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Bob,  To me the noise appears as if you turn=20
>on a light switch on/off/on/off this goes on two=20
>mins?, other times it continues for 30 mins?, it=20
>may then stop of 10 mins, and the whole thing=20
>start again.  Here is a funny but maybe=20
>meaningful thing.  Quiet all night and at 8:35,=20
>8:37 sometimes as late as 8:50am the noise=20
>starts, it last about 8 mins, stops for maybe 15=20
>mins.  No pattern except for the start time.  I=20
>also notice the hours of 1:00 pm and 2:00pm seem=20
>to have the most noise.  Like magic around 4:30=20
>tp 5:00pm sometimes 6:00 all goes quiet.
>I thought it was the sun warming the house, but=20
>it does it sun or clouds, overcast, warm or cold, week day and holidays.
>Tomorrow, I think I will drive around and look=20
>for road construction equipment, maybe they are=20
>working on weekends and holidays to complete a=20
>project.  Does anyone know how close construction would need to be?     =
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>Subject: RE: Noise
>Ted =96
>At the risk of repeating questions that has already been asked =96
>How sharp is the onset of noise =96 are there=20
>periods where you can see it build up and then=20
>slow down or quit, or is it like when you turn a switch on or off?
>Have you correlated the noise with weather=20
>conditions =96 such as overcast or minimal sun as opposed to bright sunny=
>Bob Hancock
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>Subject: Re: Noise
>Hi Chris, You know these are great=20
>suggestions....I can't rotate the sensor, where=20
>it is located, but if I could???????
>I do have another sensor I could set up and=20
>rotate.  I could perhaps setup a microphone/=20
>amp/ headset, to see if I could pick up the=20
>noise and then isolate its direction.  I tried=20
>the am radio but could not hear the noise, I=20
>will try that again, at different frequencies.   Ted


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