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Subject: Re: Road Construction
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 20:51:51 -0700

Traffic noise seems to center around 3Hz to 4Hz
where as the noises of which you speak are
much lower in freq. most possibly in the
period range. I have seen these steam rollers
about 300ft away but have never identified anything
further than about 3000 feet away.
Our steam rollers will vibrate (I would hate to
use any vibrating machines thats why we have
people who like working heavy equipment).
You are either located on springy ground or your
sensor is not fully dampened and hypersensitive
at the noise freqs ??

You seem in good shape to me if you can pick up any human noises
other than mine blasts you can ID at over a mile away.


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From: "tchannel" 
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 9:46 AM
Subject: Road Construction

Hi Folks,  During the times when there are no earthquakes to get excited about, I am driving around Boise, looking for Road 
I got a map from Ada Co. Highway District from the internet showing various active projects and future proposals.
I found three active road projects.  The first one was about 2.5 miles NE of my NS sensor, that was the one with the Pile-Driver 
causing most of my mystery noise.  The Second was 3.0 miles West of my NS sensor. I was picking up strong signals on Sat, drove over 
to see if they were working and they were, using a large backhoe, digging a 12' ? trench.  The third is 3.0 miles NE, using similar 
heavy equipment.  And to make thing more interesting 1/2 mile South, they are digging a basement under an existing home using a 
small, Bobcat machine.  This morning I will walk over to see when they start work and try to isolate that activity.

My sensor is in the basement. I see almost no traffic not even large trucks.  On the other hand I sure pickup these digging 
From all this, I have a good reference, from at lease two different directions North East and West, and as you would expect the West 
signal was larger by about 1/3 even though the source about 1/2 mile further away.  The South basement project should give me 
another reference signal.

What might be interesting, is to come up with a homemade "thumper" although I have no idea how.   If I had one I would work my way 
around my house thumping away and creating a map and corresponding signals.   I know they rent soil compactors but I am not sure 
that would carry any distance.  I would guess it would need to be something of considerable weight.  Has anyone done this on a 
homemade scale?

Cheers, Ted 


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