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Subject: Re: Geophone with long legs
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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 23:04:53 -0700

The whole earth in the location of
the geophone should move in unison
so I think that is not the issue.
It is a matter of signal to noise ratio
and since the slab rides upon the ground like a ship in the ocean
I think it to be very important to put the geophone
directly on the ocean (ground) and not on any slab
that has other activity upon it.
I use an alarm to record my files and since
relocating underground and a few feet from the slab my false alarms are few. You should fix somehow your geophone to the ground
so that in the event of motions that exceed 1g (32f/s^2
things will not be destroyed. Greater than 1G and your
geophone will hop like a kaninchen out of its rightful place.
A whole firetruck has been known to do this and if a person
had been next to it thay might have been crushed to death.
Those trucks may have 2000 gallons of water at 8.1Avodupoise
pounds per gallon.

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Subject: Geophone with long legs

> Hi all
> I am wondering, since I did move my geophone back inside, is the
> geophone less sensitive becose he now stands on the legs but is not
> surrounded in sand like when I did have him outside. Does it matter in
> the terms of detecting earthquakes ?
> Regards.
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> Jón Frímann
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