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Subject: Re: Kuril island 8.2Mw earthquake <<< EUREKA>>>>>>
From: jimo17@........
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 18:14:26 -0800

Hi Jon-
Eureka<<<  Your geophones are working well.....M8.2 at ~8,000 kms
Always impressive to see an inexpensive jug doing amazing things..
Some Comments to improve your Recordings:  
Before filtering observe the Power Spectra and decide what is signal and
noise peaks.
1. Look at Spectra- notice peak around 0.01-0.1 
2. Use BP filter with 2 poles filter around 0.01-0.1, or some where in
that vicinity.
        Remember the tighter the BP the more ringing you create in the
filtered record- I like a decade but you can use less.
        Results will show the S arrivals and Surface waves much clearer. 
                Use option to mark these arrivals for you.
4. On the Teleseismic events consider resampling from 100 Hz (100 SPS) to
25 Hz to reduce the # of samples by 1/4.
5. You can also put in the Equalizer (electronic) circuit to change the
4.5 Hz to ~0.4Hz, which makes a big difference.

Keep up the good work as you are really doing well.
I can remember well when I recorded my first Teleseismic event with the
L15b-4.5Hz jug<<<<<   Jim

Jim O'Donnell 
Geological/Geophysical Consultant 
Las Vegas, Nevada

On Sat, 13 Jan 2007 09:31:33 +0000 =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=F3n_Fr=EDmann?=
> Hi all
> I did record the 8.2Mw Kuril Island earthquake, it appears so good 
> that
> it is even visable on my online helcorder (plots). But that is 
> really
> unusual for a earthquake that is nearly 7200 km away from me.
> Regards.
> -- 
> Jón Frímann
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