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Hi Mike,  As to your damper, I too started with fluids,  The magnetic 
damper, that Chris told me about works like a champ. He has this design 
posted.   In your cast , you have lots of room, so you could hang an Alum or 
Copper plate from your arm and have it pass between the magnet 
sandwich/assm. sliding it in or out as needed.  It allows you to move the 
magnetic closer for a stronger effect. I use a piece of Alum about 
1/16-1/8"? thick.  It was a Alum lid for a plastic elect. project box, 
Radioshack, the box came with a plastic lid and and Alum lid.

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From: "Michael Kimzey, D.O." 
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Subject: Noobie Greetings

> Hi all.
>   I'm new to the group and just wanted to get my feet wet with a post, 
> observations and some questions.  After many years of indecision, I 
> finally made the plunge and built a Lehman.  It is currently operating in 
> a crawl space under the family room.  I thought that it would be somewhat 
> quiet there, but it seems that some poured concrete over dirt isn't that 
> quiet.  Additionally, I am 50 feet from a fairly busy road...but I'll take 
> what I can get.
>     With the help of Larry (very helpful and patient with questions), I 
> got the electronics up and running and the rest of the story with pictures 
> can be viewed at     I haven't 
> seen any activity yet, but did get a teaser with the recent Alaska 
> quake...would have recorded it but that was the 12 hours that the system 
> was down for some early modifications....hummf.
> Right now I'm oil damped, but hope to make the metal damper.  I have seen 
> that both copper and aluminum are used.  Is either better than the other? 
> I don't have ready access to copper plate (is it available at Home Depot 
> or Lowes?) so I was going to use a pipe that I flattened.  What kind of 
> thickness is needed?
> I'm running WinSDR and I fiddled around with the gain on the board.  Is 
> there a baseline count that I should aim for...I think that someone put it 
> at around 100 or 200 (boy, that 4th quarter list archive was looong). 
> Also, does it matter if I display raw or filtered data?  I'm using the 
> default WinSDR settings for alarms and filters.
> Finally,  now that I've got the bug, of course I want more instruments.  I 
> was thinking about the SG sensor, but the volksmeter has my interest 
> piqued. I heard that it might only be ready-made, but maybe it wouldn't be 
> too difficult to build one.  The upright(s) of aluminum; shaft of aluminum 
> (although the PDF looks like it was made of brass).  The plates could be 
> made of PCB board, etched if needed.  It would just be the electronics 
> that I would need to buy.  One of the things that I find neat about that 
> design is that it probably could be minimized to a size where it could fit 
> in a 6 inch tube and be sunk several feet/meters in the ground (with 
> remote motor leveling and such)
> Ok, enough of my ideas.  My ignorance of seismology betrays me.  Any 
> thoughts or ideas would be welcome.  Thanks!
> - Mike
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