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Subject: Molucca Sea Earthquake
From: "Michael Kimzey" mckimzey@...........
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 22:24:17 -0500

Hi all.

    Very good discussions here on the list.  I just recorded my very first 
earthquake and am HOOKED!  Totally incredible that this thing of plumbing 
supplies and magnets could pick up vibrations from across the world.

Ok...some questions, especially because I would like to share this data if 
anyone wants it.
1) is there someplace (FAQ or such) that directs how to set up the alarms in 
2) What should I do with the .psn file if others want it (do I send it to 

On my system, the waves could be seen on the graph for 90 minutes, is this 
normal or is my Lehman underdamped?

Thanks for any feedback or links to FAQ's that I missed.

PS, if there is anyone that has one of Larry's SG electronics boards that 
they want to part with, please email me directly.

- Mike


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