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Subject: Re: Earthquake or a noise ?
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=F3n_Fr=EDmann?= jonfr500@.........
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 03:51:08 +0000

Hi Geoffrey

Noise, that I have encunterd so far. Always has a slow start with one
spike. Mostly from cars and alikes. The footprints I see always have one
spike, if there are two spikes they are sepirated with a gap in them.

What baffels me with this how the Z appears, N-S and E-W appears to be
normal. Execpt that the location is really close to my geophone.

There are many old fault lines near me and many new faults lines close
to my locations, many of them are undocumented. But I am still wanting
more opintions on this. Your input on this Geoffrey is most welcomed.

Jón Frímann


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