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Subject: Exporting FFT data
From: Roger Sparks rsparks@..........
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 08:14:55 -0800

Good Morning All,

Dr. Randall Peters writes "

 To my knowledge, Amaseis does not
presently allow for saving (exporting) the spectral data, whereas the version of
WinQuake that I am using does.  I don't know if Larry has folded that capability
into the latest version of the code on his website."

My latest version of WinQuake does not export the data from the FFT analysis but does save the screen containing the output as a "gif" file.   It sounds like Dr. Peters could use the data file so that he could further process the data.

Amaseis does not have any provision for recording FFT data or the screen.   However, there is a way to accomplish a screen save containing the Amaseis FFT results.  We can take advantage of the Windows "print screen" capability.

You will notice that every computer keyboard has a key labeled "Print Screen".  When this key is pressed, the contents of the window (no matter what program is running) is saved to memory.   Next, find and open the ancient program "Paint" which was included with the "Accessory" programs in all versions of Windows through Windows XP.  Look in the "Edit" menu of Paint and you should see that the "Paste" label is active.   Click "Paste" and the contents of memory (which should be the screen contents present when "Print Screen" was pressed) should appear in the Paint window.   Paint can generate and save a "BMP" file which is a permanent record of the screen display.

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