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Subject: psn file issue
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=F3n_Fr=EDmann?= jonfr@.........
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:54:20 +0000

Hi all

I am having a bit if a psn file issue at the moment. The problem is
because of the earthquake swarm that did happen yesterday and how it was
recored by my system. Many of the earthquakes that I did record are less
then 1 min apart in the trace, so when I plot them I end up with the
same file time as the first earthquake. The problem is the start time, I
can rename the files so they mark 070227.131420.hvt1e.psn, but when I
try to send them to psn event file list, I get this and that is the main
problem, 070227.131420.hvt1e  \quakes\0702\070227.131400.hvt1e.psn
Upload OK. This also creates problem with winquake, since it reads the
same info.

Is it possible for me to change the start time of the files, so I can
have it as close as possible for the orgin of the earthquake.

J=F3n Fr=EDmann


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