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Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 13:39:46 -0700

Hi Kareem,  I have built five different sensors.  Presently using the best 
two, one Lehman and one Vertical Spring.
I also am using a computer, AmaSeis, Winquake software, The DataQ194 a/d 
converter and Larry's Amp/Filter board.  Very happy with all these 
components.  Email me, if you wish and I can send pictures and Dimensions.

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Subject: Getting started...

> Hello all,
> I've been using an analog seismograph system (Kinemetrics PS2 with short 
> L4
> period sensor) for 5 years now and considering moving to a digital system. 
> I
> do have some tools but I'm not sure if I have all that's needed to move to 
> a
> digital seismograph system. And I'm not exactly sure how to get started
> setting it up. I have one of those DataQ devices with the serial 
> connector,
> a small geophone (used by military), and no software yet.
> I would like to start using a PC to monitor seismic activity. Where/how
> should I start?
> Yours truly,
> Kareem
> 1 block from Hayward Fault (northern segment)
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