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Subject: RE: Has been hacked?
From: "Steve Hammond" shammon1@.............
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 10:41:42 -0700

Thanks for the quick response from everybody. I also received a few
suggestions off-line. I didn't take any action or do anything and the
issue went away just a quickly as it started. John, the link was and it failed from the
link on the main page on the PSN San Jose web page housed at Earthlink.
It also crashed when I put the URL in the navigation bar in IE which
promted me to post the question to the list. I do run McaFee and Spybot
on all my systems and I ran a full scan with both products this morning
and other than a bunch of cookies it looks like nothing got hammered. I
also FTP'ed to the PSN SJ website on Earthlink and the page has not been
No Jan <> I was not out cruzing the porn sites.  However I tend to
agree with Larry's analysis about mal-ware. I remember receiving a
warning message from Spybot earlier yesterday after doing a search in
Google for a "granite stone shower soap dish." (I'm getting ready to
tile a bathtub area.) And the message said I was clicking on a link that
was known to plant mal-ware and it (Spybot) was blocking the browser
from going to the URL. Maybe it got me before the browser stopped?
Anyway, now all seems well with the world. However, just to play it safe
after reading Larry's comments, I'm flushing the cache on that system in
the event there are traces still around.

Thanks for all the help. 
Steve Hammond  PSN

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Subject: Re: Has been hacked?

It sounds to me like some sort of maleware has altered your hosts file. 
    The hosts file is the first place your browser looks to resolve a 
site address into the actual IP address that is used to access the site.

  So if the IP address that is associated with

gets changed to a porn site, that's where you wind up.  If you do a 
Google search on "hosts file" you will find a lot of information that 
will help you locate it on your system and clean it up.  I'm sure that 
there are a lot of tools that you can find that will make the job 
easier, and a lot of security tools will prevent maleware from making 
alterations to your hosts file.

Stephen Hammond wrote:
> I think this link has been hacked. It 
> should be the local California seismic activity. I get a porn site 
> when I click on the link and I also get a panel that says the link is 
> no longer valid. Are others seeing the same thing? Thanks, Steve 
> Hammond
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