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Subject: Re: An affordable remote SDR system (site) using a Notebook & Solar
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 22:36:28 -0700

Hi Jim,

A few comments. You should run the datalogger at 18 volts DC or higher, 12 volts is 
not enough to run the A/D board properly. One thing you could do is set up a 24 volt 
system using 2 12 volt panels and batteries. The datalogger will run fine at 24 VDC 
and a down converter could be used to power the computer if needed. I would be a 
concerned about the temperature extremes. If you could put the equipment in a small 
vault and place it underground this would help regulate the temperature a little.

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

Jim ODonnell wrote:
> Guys- I need some help on designing a remote seismic system.
> Let me know what you think of what I came up with so far.  I can be contacted at email below if you want pictures or more details. 
> An affordable remote SDR system (site) using a Notebook & Solar panel for power.
> System will record 24/7 for several months in a remote Desert area in AZ using a Solar panel to recharge battery.
> The events I collect will be saved in WinSDR, so I can check them occasionally & do a DL.  The system will eventually be used with 110-A/C when it comes on line. 
> System:
> Using Larry Cochrane’s P/A, Filter, GPS & A/D Box- 8 channels in 1 Box.
> Using L15B sensor elements (4.5Hz) in a Borehole package for sensors- 
> 2 closely spaced BH’s with 3 components each & 2 surface geophones. 
> WinSDR on a Notebook.
> Power requirements:
> LC’s Box takes ~2-3 Watt going directly from the battery.
> The Notebook will need a boost from ~12V to ~18, so use a 12V to 18V converter.
>             Not sure what power requirements will be?
> A 30 W Solar Panel (hope this is adequate) with controller to charge battery (sells for ~~$300).
> Comments- Saving Power:
> Use XP power saving options-
> Disable WiFi
> Use Low Power screen-
> By using  ~1-2 GB memory stick instead of using the standard HD.
> Could replace the standard HD with a 2.5” Flash Drive (a bit Pricey though)?
> Questions: ?????????????????
> Any other suggestions to lower Power requirements?
> Any suggestions for a Notebook that would do the job?
> Will the Notebook get too hot, not being in an air conditioned  room? 
>                    Jim O'Donnell     
>          Geological/Geophysical Consultant
> 702.293.5664     geophysics@..........
> 702.281.9081 cell   jimo17@........


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