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Subject: New subscriber intro
From: JimT nyponen@.........
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 09:01:09 -0700

Hi!  I've subscribed to this list because I'd like to build two
seismographs, one for my house and one for my office.  My house is in
northern Monterey County, California, 1 mile from the Zayante fault
and 4 miles from the San Andreas fault.  There are several other
faults in the area.  My house is in a quiet, remote area, so there
should be little noise from human activity.  It is on top of a
sandstone ridge.  The sandstone was ground down until it was more or
less flat before the concrete slab foundation was poured on top of it.

My office is in Morgan Hill, California, about 20 miles northeast of
my house, and on the other side of the San Andreas fault.  It is about
30 feet from a road that sometimes has heavy trucks on it.  It is on
concrete slab foundation, but I have no idea what kind of soil lies
beneath it.  Since it is on the valley floor, it is no doubt something
that jiggles more in earthquakes than what I have at home.

The first thing I wonder whenever I feel an earthquake is , "Where was
it?".  I would like to have a seismograph that tells me what direction
each seismic wave comes from.  With the directions from both
seismographs, I should be able to triangulate the location of any
nearby quake.

I've been reading about various amateur-built seismographs on the web,
but have not yet decided how to proceed.  I might try to build
something simple first, before taking on a more complex project.  I
have many questions that I will be asking in future posts.

Jim Turner

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