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Subject: Re: New subscriber intro
From: Pete Rowe ptrowe@.........
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 14:07:35 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jim
You'll find lots of good info here. 
I live in the east foothills of San Jose and have
operated my home made seismograph since 1988. I would
be happy to have you visit my station to see what I've
done. I won't be available until after 15 April ( no,
I'm not a tax accountant!)
I'll e mail you again around then and we can get
together. In the meantime, I'm sure you will get a lot
of info from the good folks who hang around this list.
--- JimT  wrote:

> Hi!  I've subscribed to this list because I'd like
> to build two
> seismographs, one for my house and one for my
> office.  My house is in
> northern Monterey County, California, 1 mile from
> the Zayante fault
> and 4 miles from the San Andreas fault.  There are
> several other
> faults in the area.  My house is in a quiet, remote
> area, so there
> should be little noise from human activity.  It is
> on top of a
> sandstone ridge.  The sandstone was ground down
> until it was more or
> less flat before the concrete slab foundation was
> poured on top of it.
> My office is in Morgan Hill, California, about 20
> miles northeast of
> my house, and on the other side of the San Andreas
> fault.  It is about
> 30 feet from a road that sometimes has heavy trucks
> on it.  It is on
> concrete slab foundation, but I have no idea what
> kind of soil lies
> beneath it.  Since it is on the valley floor, it is
> no doubt something
> that jiggles more in earthquakes than what I have at
> home.
> The first thing I wonder whenever I feel an
> earthquake is , "Where was
> it?".  I would like to have a seismograph that tells
> me what direction
> each seismic wave comes from.  With the directions
> from both
> seismographs, I should be able to triangulate the
> location of any
> nearby quake.
> I've been reading about various amateur-built
> seismographs on the web,
> but have not yet decided how to proceed.  I might
> try to build
> something simple first, before taking on a more
> complex project.  I
> have many questions that I will be asking in future
> posts.
> Jim Turner
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