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Subject: Re: Running WinSDR 3.03... under linux?
From: "Michael Kimzey" mckimzey@...........
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 12:51:44 -0400

I was running XP Pro, and I guess I could have saved the error file, but 
didn't.  I have to say that I'm not unhappy to now be using linux...reports 
are that it is more stable than any version so far of windows...and somewhat 
less expensive (read: free).

The setup was really just "out of the box", meaning that I installed 
mandriva, installed the latest version of WINE,  and then installed WinSDR 
per instructions and it ran without problem.  I will, of course, keep 
everyone posted of difficulty / success.  If there are difficulties, it 
might be easier to deal with a simple delete of the wine folder structure - 
sort of like a re-install of XP, but only taking 1/20th of the time.

Maybe a port to linux might be an option, especially if it were open-source. 
  I'll leave that to those much more knowledgeable than me!

- Mike

>It won't run natively on Linux unless Larry wants me to port it. ;-)
>However, it should run under Wine (Windows emulator) without serious
>difficulty.  It may be interesting to see if the behavior persists with


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