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Subject: RE: Running WinSDR 3.03... under linux?
From: "Stephen Hammond" shammon1@.............
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 15:41:20 -0700

I have these same types of issues when I run out of drive space after
several months of operation and I forget to delete old SDR data files
from the system. You might check and see if you have plenty of space for
the WINSDR files and the XP cache file.
Regards, Steve Hammond PSN San Jose Aptos, CA

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Subject: Running WinSDR 3.03... under linux?

Hi all.

     I had been having trouble with WinSDR the past couple days.  The 
program was generating a windows fault and closing, loosing all the data

after about 1 hour of running.  Despite uninstalling and re-installing,
problem persisted...and I lost the traces of the recent pacific-rim
Now this is after several months of flawless service.  Personally, I
believe it was WinSDR causing the problem.

     I took this as a sign that maybe some experimentation was in order,
I have moved the whole system to an old celeron (500MHz, 256MB, 16GB HD)

that I had laying around, onto which I have loaded Mandriva Linux.  I
have WinSDR running under Wine and it is working quite well (at least
the past 12 hours).  It was not especially difficult to set up even
though I 
am quite new to linux. Anyone else using linux as a basis for their data

collection? Thoughts?

- Mike


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