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Subject: re:AmaSeis and new AD/Converter
From: Roger Sparks rsparks@..........
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 07:17:11 -0800

Hi Ted,

Your posting left me wondering if the event recording appears clipped in both the 24 hour Helicorder screen and the Event screen?   It sounds as if filtering restores the lower part of the trace.  Did I understand your words correctly?

If you emailed me the hour file which contains the clipped recording, I could see how it looks on my version of Amaseis. 


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Subject: AmaSeis and new AD/Converter
From:    "tchannel" 
Date:    Thu, 29 Mar 2007 11:00:36 -0600

Hi Folk,  This may not be a problem, not sure....I moved things around, =
and changed two pieces of equipment.
Someone gave me a DataQ 194 AD converter, and a computer. I relocated =
all the equipment to a different location. Installed the AD board, and =
got everything up and running again.  Everything seemed normal, but =
recorded my first event and on the Helicorder screen of AmaSeis, and =
only the center and top half of the event is seen.  The bottom half of =
the event is cutoff just below the center line, like it was "clipped".   =
 I processed the event and after filtering it, in the normal way, the =
bottom half was then visible, so the final .GIF looks just fine.

I looked at the sensor which is a Vertical Spring sensor, to see if it =
was free to move up and down, and it was.
I checked the magnetic damper, and all seems normal.

It is a new "old computer" and the new "old DataQ AD board, everything =
else is the same.
I did have to install, software on the new computer, AmaSeis, Winquake, =
and DataQ.

All this being said, if I enlarge a small piece of quiet trace, it is =
not clipped.
If I do a drop test on the floor, The spike go up and very little down, =
just like the event trace, yet the sensor will produce a negative and =
positive spike if I force it by blowing on it.  Again only an (above the =
line) spike using a drop test.

I did recalibrate the DataQ and rezero the AmaSeis.

Any ideas?   Thanks, Ted


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