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Subject: Re: re:AmaSeis and new AD/Converter
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Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 11:18:33 -0600

Hi Roger,  I have this set up in a garage and limited to what I can email to 
you, so I will try to paint a better picture.

The 24 hour helicorder in AmaSeis showed a normal quiet trace, some trace 
above and below the line.
If I do a drop test I get a spike above the line and just a little below the 
I recorded an Earthquake and got a normal trace above the line, and very 
little below the line.  As if it was clipped off, removing most the (-) 
negative voltage.
When I copied and enlarged the event in AmaSeis, the (-) voltage was still 
missing but after filtering it (seemed) to be restored???
HOWEVER, here is what I did,  I removed the DataQ AD board, (just given to 
me by a friend), and replaced it with my present DataQ AD board, and 
everything is working fine.
 Drop test gives a spike above and below the line.
So I think the, (given to me board), is simply defective.
It is as if the DataQ board is working fine for +10volts, but only -2volts. 
Anything below the -2 volts, or whatever it is, is not being recorded.   I 
did try to calibrate the board, and reset the value limits, but it doesn't 
to hold the +10, -10 values. I will just order a new DataQ.
The one I am using is the DataQ 194, and It seem to work for me, but I have 
heard the 154 is better?
Any suggestions as to this?

Thanks, Ted

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From: "Roger Sparks" 
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 9:17 AM
Subject: re:AmaSeis and new AD/Converter

> Hi Ted,
> Your posting left me wondering if the event recording appears clipped in 
> both the 24 hour Helicorder screen and the Event screen?   It sounds as if 
> filtering restores the lower part of the trace.  Did I understand your 
> words correctly?
> If you emailed me the hour file which contains the clipped recording, I 
> could see how it looks on my version of Amaseis.
> Roger
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> Subject: AmaSeis and new AD/Converter
> From:    "tchannel" 
> Date:    Thu, 29 Mar 2007 11:00:36 -0600
> Hi Folk,  This may not be a problem, not sure....I moved things around, =
> and changed two pieces of equipment.
> Someone gave me a DataQ 194 AD converter, and a computer. I relocated =
> all the equipment to a different location. Installed the AD board, and =
> got everything up and running again.  Everything seemed normal, but =
> recorded my first event and on the Helicorder screen of AmaSeis, and =
> only the center and top half of the event is seen.  The bottom half of =
> the event is cutoff just below the center line, like it was "clipped".   =
> I processed the event and after filtering it, in the normal way, the =
> bottom half was then visible, so the final .GIF looks just fine.
> I looked at the sensor which is a Vertical Spring sensor, to see if it =
> was free to move up and down, and it was.
> I checked the magnetic damper, and all seems normal.
> It is a new "old computer" and the new "old DataQ AD board, everything =
> else is the same.
> I did have to install, software on the new computer, AmaSeis, Winquake, =
> and DataQ.
> All this being said, if I enlarge a small piece of quiet trace, it is =
> not clipped.
> If I do a drop test on the floor, The spike go up and very little down, =
> just like the event trace, yet the sensor will produce a negative and =
> positive spike if I force it by blowing on it.  Again only an (above the =
> line) spike using a drop test.
> I did recalibrate the DataQ and rezero the AmaSeis.
> Any ideas?   Thanks, Ted
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