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From: Angel sismos@..............
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 10:26:50 +0000

Hello Barry,

Well to be honest I was initially lured by that 1/4 watt number but in the end,  you have to do some serious modifications to the software on the card to make it get that low.  Nothing out of this world but it would take more time than I have at the moment.  All of the instructions are available. This card has a very active list who are always very willing to help.  As is the power use is very low.

The linux is a "busybox" and there is really nothing to "know".  If you can run windows "DOS" you can run linux.  the University of Bergen has a data acquisition software that runs under linux and has been cross compiled for "busybox linux".  they provide the binaries so you don't have to do the compile.  You load it on the TS-7260 and it runs.  You can also run Earthworm on this linux and there is a linux driver for a card made be sysmetric research that cost $150.00 for a single 24 bit channel.  To use the sysmetrics research cards (up to 8 channels) you would need a different TS-72XX since sysmetrics research uses a parallel port which the 7260 does not have.  I have not run that configuration completely but I have run all of the elements.

In both cases you have the data avialble over TCP/IP in LISS format ( and any LISS client can deal with it, some are seisgram2k, lissplot, earthworm, Seiscomp,  I wish WINsdr would accept LISS as input (HINT Larry). In any case you can move it to another earthworm system over ethernet and get it out in PSN format and use Winquake to look at it.  

I have not done all of that as a system but see no reason why it would not work.

There might be other softwares that run on this card, but I have not tried them.  The cross compiler is free for this card 



Saturday, March 31, 2007, 3:47:50 AM, you wrote:


Hi Angel

    I am intersted! I was looking at the TS-7200 with a SD card. They claim that it runs at 1/4 watt. I wasn't what software was supported by Linux , not being familiar with Linux.



Angel <sismos@..............> wrote:

Hello Chris,

I am just back home from a trip. 

I have running "Seislog" a free data acquisition system from the University of Bergen on a single board computer running linux (TS-7260 from about $180.00) I have connected the sensor a SARA a/d converter.  It will record continuous and event  data to the USB drive..  The entire setup uses less than 3 watts.  I also feel confident that I could get the TS-7260 with a symres digitizer ($150.00 for single 24 bit channel) by installing a paired down earthworm.  

I can be more specific and help anyone ;who is interested.


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Best regards,


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