PSN-L Email List Message

Subject: New to list and need some help
From: "Paul Cianciolo" Paulc@........
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 10:17:36 -0400

Hello All,

Name is Paul, and I am located in Harwinton CT.

Just go on the list, thanks to John Cole and saw the post on AmaSeis.

I have a Dataq 194 that I have been using with the manufacturers software
with my instrument.

Being new I was/am very excited to hear about AmaSeis and it's ability to
work it the 194.

But I must have something wrong here in the setup as I cannot get correct
time, cannot zero, etc.

Is there someone who is familiar enough with the software to walk me through
the basics?

I have a trace and the instrument responds but something is amiss.

Any other folks in Connecticut?

Thank you



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