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Subject: Re: Volksmeter....
From: "Michael Kimzey" mckimzey@...........
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 23:08:12 -0400

Thanks for the update Chris.  I actually wrote to Les LaZar and received the 
full 'draft' info sheet.  I just may raid the piggy bank.

   Here are some questions and musings to the list, though...

   In the grand scheme of things, where does the Volksmeter fit?  Certainly, 
a beginner starts with the AS1 or Lehman (I have constructed both).  Is the 
next step an SG?  How does the Volksmeter compare to a STM-8 that is 
homebuilt?  Or even to some of the sensors that Mr. Allan Coleman has made?
     The info sheet states that the Volksmeter compares favorably (although 
a tab less sensitive...and expensive) to a STS-1, which, I guess, is one of 
the _de facto_ standards.  I've read through the very nice PDF on the 
Volksmeter at Larry's site, but I will admit that some of the information 
has gone over my head.  (Anyone else lost on some of the diagrams?)  If I 
can't understand all of it, wound (or should) that preclude someone (me) 
from purchasing such a system?  Maybe I'm just thinking way too much, but 
certainly the dollar amount would warrant it.

- Mike


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