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Subject: Re: My broken DataQ AD converter
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 18:00:31 -0700

Personal experience has shown me only factories are properly equipped
and funded to handle modern day electronics.
The small business peoples and private individuals
usually are not properly trained to do these things.
It is mainly my personal preference speaking here.
The only exception I make are with Engineering techs
who make models for Engineers that have not yet
been put into production.
Unless they use special tools just about anyone with
previous experience in the field should be able to
reproduce and work on their designs.
But as for final products after FAT Final Assembly and Test
I would never recommend anyone trying to alter anything
other than a minor field change/alt or replacement of a
socketed chip. I would make no major changes
to pre-built factory type devices.
I once knew a tech who thought he could spudge a microwave oscillator
without any special tools but later found out through
personal experience in the field that thousand of dollars
of special purpose tools were reqired to do the stuff that-
that guy was trying to do blind. I was caught in a kind of trap
that my senior would make me look like a sabatour because of his
I do not recommend wasting ones times with the unknown unless
the results are possibly- significantly profitable.
I dont necessarily mean money when I say this.
The purpose is to have fun here. Or at least that is MY goal.

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Subject: Re: My broken DataQ AD converter

> In a message dated 2007/04/01, gmvoeth@........... writes:
>> It is not practicle for the common man to work on surface mounted 
>> technology you
>> need to work on the new boards is expensive and medical like tools require 
>> fine skills.
>> If you like electronics as a hobby it is best to go to a university and 
>> become an engineer.
> Hi Geoff,
>       The same was probably said when we changed from hard wiring valves to 
> transistor PCBs !!
>       Sure, you need the tools for the job and it hasn't get any easier with 
> time. The first requirements are a temperature controlled soldering iron, a 
> solder sucker, SS tweezers and a head mounted magnifying glass. 
>       I agree that 'taking a circuit diagram' can take a lot of time and 
> effort, but it can be done. You may only need to look at part of the circuit. I 
> look for the earth connection and the power supply rails first.
>       Since when did a degree in engineering equip you to deal with PCB 
> electronics?
>       Regards,
>       Chris Chapman

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