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Subject: Re: new additions
From: John or Jan Lahr JohnJan@........
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 07:01:33 -0700

Hi Dave,

Nice maps!  Thanks for this big effort!

I'm running an IRIS "Seismographs in School" station in my 
basement.  IRIS has provided more than 140 such stations to educators 
around the country, and the number increases by about 30 per year.

It would be great if amateurs living near a school or museum station 
would stop by to see if they could use any help in operating the 
equipment or interpreting their seismograms.  Most of these stations 
are registered with 
Unfortunately they don't have an interactive station map like the one 
you maintain for the PSN.

Or, if your local school doesn't have a seismic station, but does 
have an interested teacher, it would be great to help the teacher set 
one up.  They could apply to obtain one from IRIS, or apply for a 
small grant to purchase one for about $600.  There are many sources 
of small grants for teachers.  All of the IRIS teachers use an AS-1 
with AmaSeis so that it's easy to compare records between 
schools.  Some of the helicorder images are posted here:

John Lahr
Corvallis, Oregon

At 10:48 PM 4/14/2007, you wrote:
>   Greetings Gang,
>    a note to let you all know there are a couple of new additions to the PSN
>Station Map and Database.
>   Ted Channel  Boise, Idaho
>   and
>   Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology   (station managed by Linda Channel)
>(USA section)
>   thanks for adding your info
>and just a reminder to everyone else  dont forget to email me with updates
>if you make changes to your station.
>Dave Nelson
>Sydney, Australia


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