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Subject: Microquakes
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=F3n_Fr=EDmann?= jonfr@.........
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 22:01:46 +0000

Hi all

I have an access to a station located in Mosfellsb=E6 near Reykjav=EDk (I d=
not own it!). This station is located close to all the major active
areas in south Iceland. SISZ is not far off and it is close to Reykjanes
earthquakes areas and volcanoes. Also is a good chance of recording
actitive in Myrdalsjokull volcano and Hekla volcano and other volcanoes
that are close to SISZ.

>From 16th today there has been microquakes close to the station. Most of
those earthquakes have the size mag 0.42 to mag 1.4. At the range of 1km
to 24 km. The smallest earthquakes and those how are closest to the
station appear good on the station plot I that I currently have on my

It is really intresting to see how the small earthquakes appears on this
station. But the station is currently set on low gain (200). But it is
going to increased in the end of this week I hope, but then I hopefully
can record small earthquakes at bigger distance.

The closest earthqauke that this station has recored was so close that p
and s time diffrence is only 00.2 sec.

J=F3n Fr=EDmann


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