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Subject: Re: updates and additions
From: Dave Nelson davenn@...............
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 11:04:17 +1000

Hi Gang  :)

    Greetings from drought stricken Australia.  Plans are afoot for a mass 
migration to New Zealand and USA  ;) .   Seriously tho ...  its getting 
really bad here,  as
water supplies dry up for farms and cities alike.  Sydney's water reserves 
are in
the mid 30's % and Melbourne is somewhere ~ 15%.

   Back to the PSN ....  thanks to those that have responded

   Pete Rowe  ... dang mate  dunno why you have been left off the list for 
so long
		  thanks for the info   :)
   John Lahr   ...   likewise.   I have just put a link direct to your homepage
		   1999 seems so long ago when i got to visit you and the other
		   guys in Golden, CO. at the NEIC HQ
   Dave Wolny ...  Time flies doesnt it   :)  thanks buddy
   Michael Kimzey ...  a new addition to the PSN, great to hear from you and
Roger Sparks ...  and how did you also get missed out in the early days of 
		   up the database and maps ...  better late than never  :) tnx mate

     There are several names of people that I see in the e-mail from time 
to time
that I know are not on the map.  Maybe they would like to get in touch with 
me at
  some stage and let me kow what gear they are running.

   Finally,   dont forget, if you havent already,   to update your 
bookmarks with
my correct homepage address.  main page =
or to get direct to the maps

Dave N


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