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Subject: Hammer of Eden.. the book
From: "Paul Cianciolo" Paulc@........
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 20:22:16 -0400

Hello Folks,

A book I read sometime ago, By Ken Follet.
Hammer of Eden.

Its an interesting book, which has the topic of seismolgy in it.
Not knowing all that much about seismology, I cannot say wether the author
may or may not have taken any liberties.
For what its worth I enjoyed it... Lets face it... its not everyday this
topic is covered in a book.

An excerpt from the authors web.

The Hammer of Eden

The one thing Californians fear most is a full-scale earthquake. The thing
Priest fears most is the destruction of his commune in the Sierra Nevada
foothills - the one place he can hide from his mobster past. He has to make
the Governor of California listen to him. And now he has a way. He knows how
to create an earthquake. And if his demands aren't met, the next quake is
just 48 hours away...

The Hammer of Eden is a story where the bad guys figure out how to cause an
earthquake. They use a machine called a seismic vibrator which is an
enormous hammer mounted on the back of a truck. It is usually used to find
oil. The hammer sends shockwaves through the earth's crust and the
reflections of the vibrations are then mapped to show the sub-surface of the



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