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Subject: RE: Nice quake
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Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 21:12:53 -0700

Hey Pete,

Felt that up here in El Sobrante but wasn't sure at the time. Slight, almost
imperceptible quivvering motion. I looked up to my model airplanes to see if
they were moving. They weren't but I figured it was a very small event
somewhere in the bay area. Yeah, that was your classic san jose quake - it's
been a while.

BTW, I thought the "boom" would be the P wave arriving (especially if you
heard it coming) at your location rather than the S waves. No?



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Subject: Nice quake

We just had a nice 3.4 pretty much right under me in the east hills of San
Jose. I heard it coming and then the S wave hit with a boom. Cool. I always
like a nice earthquake.

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