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Subject: Re: Lowdown in earthquakes
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Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 07:15:05 -0600

Hi All,   If you are like me, you're watching the computer screen every few 
hours.  Tomorrow is day 14, with no recorded events for my station.  It will 
be 52 days since a M7+   I don't have much experience on this subject, but I 
started a calendar where I log the events.  Each system is different, but 
this give me a simple way to follow what has happened.  The more weeks and 
months I keep track of the better to see patterns or at least past 

From my station I am getting a average of  3 earthquakes recorded per week, 
4's 5's and 6's.   The last 14 days, none.

We all know it's just a matter of time.   I also have noticed after a period 
of  little or no activity, I get events in rapid secession, sometimes 3 per 
days and from different locations.  I have read that one event can trigger 
another, but surprised regarding the great distances between them.

Is there a world wide system for posting "Likelihood's"?   These events 
cause little damage where I live, but in high risk zones, these facts might 
be of greater consequence than, just conversations.  In some areas of the 
world, I would be sleeping outdoors for the next few nights.


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Subject: Lowdown in earthquakes

Hi all

The lowdown in earthquakes continues. I wonder why that is.

Jón Frímann


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