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Subject: RE: Lowdown in earthquakes
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Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 08:37:20 -0700

Yes, would love to hear how a conversation like this fits in to the =
in the San Francisco bay area region. It sounds like we're discussing
"seismic quiescence" or "seismic drought" which eventually leads us to a
series of events or one significant one.=20

Continuing to listen...


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Subject: Re: Lowdown in earthquakes

Hi All,   If you are like me, you're watching the computer screen every =
hours.  Tomorrow is day 14, with no recorded events for my station.  It =

be 52 days since a M7+   I don't have much experience on this subject, =
but I

started a calendar where I log the events.  Each system is different, =
this give me a simple way to follow what has happened.  The more weeks =
months I keep track of the better to see patterns or at least past

From my station I am getting a average of  3 earthquakes recorded per =
4's 5's and 6's.   The last 14 days, none.

We all know it's just a matter of time.   I also have noticed after a =

of  little or no activity, I get events in rapid secession, sometimes 3 =
days and from different locations.  I have read that one event can =
another, but surprised regarding the great distances between them.

Is there a world wide system for posting "Likelihood's"?   These events=20
cause little damage where I live, but in high risk zones, these facts =
be of greater consequence than, just conversations.  In some areas of =
world, I would be sleeping outdoors for the next few nights.


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Subject: Lowdown in earthquakes

Hi all

The lowdown in earthquakes continues. I wonder why that is.

J=F3n Fr=EDmann


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