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Subject: Re: I have no saved files!!!
From: "tchannel" tchannel@..............
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 10:52:53 -0600

Hi Paul,   I have experienced this also...........I hope they are really 
there for you........
You may know all or part of this..........
1   AmaSeis helicorder will allow you to go back, SETTING/  GO TO DATE AND 
TIME..........I think you can go back as far as....where you have the 
helicorder set for. SETTING/  HELICORDER/  DAYS TO RETAIN 
RECORDS............Then press NOW to return to current time.

2 This is the hard part to explain.  AmaSeis logs all the data in a folder, 
in this case the name is "2007" in this folder is the month folder "06", 
inside that is a day folder "11" inside that is the hour FILES, "15.z" for 
the 15 hour.

3.  This part is also hard to explain.  My path for this is C:Program 
However there is also a path C:Program files\AmaSeis\ files 
are not in this folder?

4  This part is also hard to explain.  At one time I download an HOUR FILE 
ending with a (.z)
It was of a hurricane.  When I downloaded it, it would not show.......My 
hour files ended with an(.n) at that time.
So I change the downloaded file's name from "xxxxx.z"  to "xxxxx.n" and 
AmaSeis then opened it.

If this is confusing Just call me and I might be able to walk you thru it. 
Do let me know.


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From: "Paul Cianciolo" 
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 9:26 AM
Subject: I have no saved files!!!

> Today for the first time. I tried to go back about 5 days and look at a
> event.
> I save 4 says to the screen.
> SO opening the correct folders, which there is one for each day Amaseis 
> has
> been running.
> But there are no files.
> No SAC's no PePPS no PSN's!!
> Very suspicious!
> SAC-Less in Connecticut
> PC
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