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Subject: Re: Did I feel it???
From: Pete Rowe ptrowe@.........
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 11:23:19 -0700 (PDT)

Before we discuss this further we need the following
Just how many cupcakes had Linda had?
What was in the cupcakes?
Perhaps the USGS could buy this recipe from her and
finally predict earthquakes???

Enjoy life!!!
--- tchannel1@............ wrote:

> This is a new story:   My wife Linda (IMMG Museum)
> came upstairs from our basement last night and said
> she was sure she felt the earth move!  I was
> standing in front of the fridge, looking at the last
> two cupcakes,  "Should I eat the two cupcakes, or
> have some nice carrots?  Let's see, if I choose the
> cupcakes, I could eat just one, at 250 calories=30
> mins on the treadmill, or I could eat 20 carrots,
> and save that 30 mins?"  Just as I was pouring a
> glass of milk to go with the two cupcakes, she
> grabbed my arm, nearly spilling my milk, and
> proclaimed, "I just felt what I thought was an
> earthquake!"
> Here it is in her own words:
> But first, the timeline, and these are fairly
> accurate and true:
> 01:12:00 Linda felt the earth move.
> 01:12:15 Linda got up and walked up to the
> helicorder and noted the time, but saw no earthquake
> signal.
> 01:14:00 Linda walked upstairs to tell me.
> 01:16:12 I put down my cupcakes and walked
> downstairs and saw the earthquake begin; about 12
> seconds of the signal were already traced on the
> screen.
> 01:16:01 The P wave arrived in Boise Idaho.
> Linda writing:  "I was sitting on the couch in the
> basement when I felt ever so slightly lightheaded
> and the couch felt as if the ground swelled a tiny
> bit underneath it about 5 or 6 times.  The movement
> was nearly undetectable (I'm sure if I had been
> standing or moving around, I would not have felt
> it), and the ground swells passed at about the same
> rate as a heartbeat.  I am confident I really felt
> something because I thought to myself, "Huh, how
> strange this sensation is . . . I wonder whether
> that was an earthquake . . . weird, I thought there
> would be more distance between waves . . . they are
> actually pretty close together, exactly like ripples
> spreading out in a pond when a stone is thrown in;
> it kind of feels like when we used to sit in our
> sailboat when the wind was quiet and feel the water
> gently rock the boat." 
> Is there any kind of wave I would have felt before
> the P wave actually arrived?  Yes, I was awake, not
> dreaming!
> Linda and Ted

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