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Subject: Most Recent Discover Magazine pp66-67 WaterFall Display
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 21:59:12 -0700

Hi All You PSN Fanatics (Im One Too);
Here is a scientific example of a waterfall display
that might be usful in one way or another to us
Amateures. The only differences are that the
time needs to be on the Y axis and Freq.
on the X axis. In Science/Math time is always assigned to
X axis but in reality you make it to suit your own tastes
according to importance.
This amounts to signature analysis where the data
forms a picture. Over time you build a database
of known events so that in the future you can simply
look at the signature to tell pretty much what your looking at and give the event a classification. Black and White and shades of 
are better than this colorful stuff because not all people
(especially males) have perfect color vision.
There should be a range of signatures for events such as
tornadoes and hurricanse and wave action and seismic events. You most probably do not need more than 1024 discrete frequencies and 
in an fft algorithim the number
of samples you use in your conversion determins the frequency resolution.
the FFT is an energy thing I think meaning the area under a curve.
It can be of use to us if amateures are serious minded hobbiests.
I lack the ability to program or I would do this myself.
This is sort of a challange to all you amateures to develop
a program that will take text or raw data in the form of bytes
or words  or text to make a water fall display in B/W 16 shades of gray with each time frame jumping only one sample at a time. 
Distrubute this analysis program freely to all
seismic amateures and build a data base of known signatures that can be used by anyone in the PSN.



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