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Subject: Re: Most Recent Discover Magazine pp66-67 WaterFall Display
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 13:36:02 -0700

Wonderful and thanks;
It has been a few years since I looked
and I never found anything like that.

It (FFT) was classified Secret in the US Navy in the 1970s
but after I saw my "secret" machine sold to foreign
countries in a commissiond officers magazine
(My dad was a retired officer) 
I no longer accepted the navys classification.
for that machine.
I now realize they want to keep it a secret
only till they market the machine wherever.
The secrecy is more for economic (manufacturing)
than military reasons. We were probably only
testing the device for Diagnostic Retreival Company.

A general purpose computer like mine that works in a serial fashion
can not match the speed of that parallel computing machine.

The macine in question was the AN/SQR17
which did all this stuff in almost real time
through dedicated circuitry.
They used it in conjunction with the SKR4
telemetric receiver which was relayed sonobuoy
data through the LAMPS helicopter.
This machine SQR17 was all blue and blue means training
and not war stuff.
AN means Joint Army Navy which means the
electronic circuitry is standard to both services.

Everything I know is from 1970s and then it was old news
so I am not worrying too much about talking today.
One of my My old Ships the USS LONG BEACH is now
atomic razor blades. The other Two Ellison and Willard Keith
were sold to Turkey or South America and the only remaining
one still alive might be the very old Bainbridge.

I was on three of the several nuclear surface ships the only
one i never boarded was the Truxton.

I think you will not see any more because
nuclear power is quite dangerous
those ships are very fragile.

It was funny when the russian trawlers would
pick up the sonobuoys and you could hear them
mutter over what they just found in their nets.
Wish I could understand their words.
Something like "More Alien Crap from the ocean".


I am now called Mentally Ill by the USA even tho
I feel just the same now as when I was 17
and in Great Lakes Illinoise being poisoned
with flouride treatment by a bad bad Dental Technician.
Over xrayed by bad bad xray technicians.
Even had to drink JP5 in our water once.
Forced to go to etiquitte training because refused to go to church.
I find it amazing we enlisted squids live as long as we do
to enjoy any seismology at all.

USW...the classification goes something like this:
Confidential==Capabilities and limitations frequencies technical stuff etc.. (just about everyone)
Secret==those things that might cause harm to the USA (Enlisted Stuff)
Top Secret==those things that will cause harm to the USA (Commissioned Officers)
Other agencies use different terms for the same ideas or spell out the dangers involved.

I have never seen anything that was called top secret
and only those things i needed to know at those times.
I feel I have no knowledge valuable to the USA today.
Everything I can think of except intellegence data bases is obsolete.
And those are Protected libraries I no longer have access to.
But we can make and share our own seismic stuff.

In case you are wondering about my loyalties;
I love MY Country (The one with Protected InAlienable Rights).


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