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Subject: Re: FFT Waterfall display
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 03:38:46 -0700

It Is My Sincere Belief that you will
not be able to get anywhere near
realtime with a home PC simply because
too many complicated iterations must
be made for many discrete points.

You will have to settle with after the fact

I have tried a FFT program myself using
my own data on a 3GHz machine and it takes
11 seconds to process 29 minutes of data
each line of spectrum being seperated by
4.5 seconds in time.
Each line pass representing 56.2 seconds of time.

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From: "Larry Conklin" 
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Subject: FFT Waterfall display

>A couple of years ago I experimented with adding a real-time FFT 
> waterfall display to my home brew data logging and display program.  I 
> got the waterfall working just fine but there is something wrong with 
> the FFT calculation that I never got around to debugging.  The current 
> discussion may motivate me to take another look at it.  If I manage to 
> get something working, it wouldn't be much additional effort to adapt 
> the code into an independent program that would take PSN files as a data 
> source.
> Larry Conklin
> Liverpool, NY
> lconklin@............
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