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Subject: Re: Re[2]: FFT Waterfall display
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 16:15:50 -0700

Hello Michael and PSN;

LOL, do you really understand all that MATH gobblygoop.

I am not a Mathmatician and not even pretend to
be a programmer or Engineer.

I need the exact PowerBasic\Dos Source code
to compile a program useful with raw binary data.

Everyone seems to avoid BASIC and want to
use C because thats what they teach at the

C is like a foreign language to me and if it is
not BASIC or Assembly I can not understand it.

Point me to a FREE FFT Basic Source Code
that does a complete conversion and
my ears will perk up.

The USN has spoiled me by being able to talk to laymen.

Cheers :-)


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From: "Michael Kimzey" 
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007 05:09
Subject: Re: Re[2]: FFT Waterfall display

> Hi all.
>>The power needed for a realtime FFT display
>>of any value just does not exist for a typical
>>home computer. You would need a special
>>card like these high speed video cards.
>>I have seen the machines that do real time fft
>>and back in the 1970s they were like 1000X faster
>>than your home computer and would do 500 points
>>and be only a few milli seconds behind real time.
> I'm don't completely understand all this FFT stuff, but a search of google 
> revealed that you can get several programs for FFT and waterfall display.
> Spectrogram 5.1
>  <- provides a discussion 
> of FFT and source code.
> Digipan - this is a amature radio program for communicating digitally using 
> audio output from your sound card and has a very nice waterfall display.
> Spectran 2.0
> Maybe these are not doing something "FFT-wise", but Spectrograph and 
> Spectran both allow you to set the FFT size and both have the moving 
> graphical display...and are working on signals with sample rates of 44,000 
> per second.  I think that any seismological waterfall display would move 
> -very- samples-per-second are only 10 and should be able to 
> perform some type of FFT.  Even Win-Quake does FFT.  Maybe I'm missing 
> something...
> - Mike
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