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Subject: Re: Spring Damping.
From: John Lahr johnjan@........
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 12:11:36 -0700

Hi Paul,

The damping for the AS-1 is via an attachment to the lower side of the boom.

The best method is to use magnetic damping.  Here's a design by Chris Chapman:


At 11:58 AM 7/23/2007, you wrote:
>I just finished up a  vertical  sensor with an AS-1 like suspension.
>After looking at the AS-1 pictures, and reading about it, I cannot 
>see any information about the damping of the suspension spring.
>Does any one have one of these?  What am I missing because the 
>spring being used here while allow in for almost 4 sec. period, once 
>excited rings for a long time.
>It seems that a magnet mounted in the center of the spring, and an 
>aluminum plate is very effective in reducing these.
>Any ideas?
>My spring is ferrous, and I would like to get a non ferrous replacement.


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