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Subject: Re: Volcanoes
From: George Bush ke6pxp@.......
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 09:47:59 -0700

Hi J=F3n-

I live less than 50Km from the Geysers that is a geothermal area associated
with volcanism. There is no active volcano there now, but the obsidian rock
in the area is less than 1000 years old. I also live less than 1Km fron the
San Andreas fault in Northern California.=20

I detect M3 quakes from the Geysers almost weekly and detect small quakes
from faults parallel to the San Andreas a few time a year.

I am interested in both earthquakes and volcanoes.

At 02:58 PM 7/25/2007 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi all
>I am wondering how many people on the psn postlist are close to a active
>volcano. I ask because I have intrest in figuring out how many
>earthquakes and other types of activie is detect by ameatur
>seismographs. I am also looking for people intrested in both earthquakes
>and volcanoes.
>J=F3n Fr=EDmann
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George Bush
Sea Ranch, CA, USA
38.73775N, 123.48882W

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