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Subject: Re: PSN to Wave File
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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 05:26:38 -0700

Hello PSN;

I think this WAV technique of analysis might be
called signature analysis. It is a
subjective and not objective thing
because it is related to what is called
psycho-acoustics and intuition.
every type of natural noise most probably has
a sound that will be unique and yiu can tell
what it is just by listening. I have noticed
over time that close quakes sound like
a stack of books being dropped on the floor
and the long distant quakes sound more like
a booming echoy sound. It would be difficult
for a person to recreate these sounds
by trying to fake them into the ground.
Also I have noticed with FFT and the
waterfall display that a teleseismic event
looks somewhat like  the voltage measured
across a resistor whan you discharge a
capacitor across it. I seriously wonder if
that is not the case ???? comments welcome here ??
The energy seems of a quake  seems to decay at the
similar rate as a discharging capacitor. You could
simulate this via mathematics in a computer but it
would be difficult in real life because the energy
needed in the ground is normally too great for a
human to do it thenselves.
Some freq seem to arrive first but they are not
always the very same freq.
So I guess that is why you need to be wide band.
You are really looking at a kind of noise
when you see any earthquakes and not a
genuine signal with any purity.


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Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 13:37
Subject: PSN to Wave File

Hi Folks,  Bob created a  ""  which converts .psn to .wav, from Winquake.
This is a neat thing!   I ask permission to mention the program...and Bob said "Yes, you have my permission. Everyone is welcome to 
use whatever I come up with."

I wish I knew how to do that stuff.  The duration is about 2 sec. in play time, from about 60 mins of .psn file.

I did one and imported the .wav into a sound studio program.

I am having fun with it.  I recorded twin earthquakes on 070727, off the coast of Oregon, 4.7 and 4.6?  Converted them to a .wav, 
using his program,  time stretch it, looped it, panned it L to R, and made it loop for about 27 seconds.

I then converted it into an mp3 to save space.  It now is about 450K.
When you play it, you can hear the two earthquakes, and their "P"s,  it pans from L to R, and then loops.
Just fun.

I will email the finished .mp3 to anyone who is interested.   tchannel1@............



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