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Subject: Re: Where are all the 7's
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 11:39:33 +1200

tchannel1@............ wrote:
> I keep a calendar of the earthquakes I record,  just to see if I am 
> getting the same numbers each month.
> Basically the number are similar.  April,  15 events, May12., June 17 
> and July 19.    June had a slow two weeks, but then played catch up.  
> This site keep a nice list
> Where are all the 7's+ for the year ?  History show one per month at 
> least.   Tomorrow is month 8, which means we are  about  5 behind.   To 
> catch up we would need 10 between now and Dec.   Not to mention no 8's.
> No predictions on my part, just reflecting on "Accounts Receivables"
> I think I will try to limit my downtime, for the next few months. 

Shhhh ... Vanuuatu is too close for comfort.
Mark Robinson
01 Aug 1942 An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 centred in the Southern Wairarapa
             is felt over a wide area.

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