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Hello Chris;

Thank you for your answers not many people
will tolerate me for long.

This all sounds nice and wonderful but since I am not a mathmatician
I do not even fake knowing what a bessel function really is.

I simply find circuits and their associated formulas
and use these tools to figure what I want to do.
I have found they for the most part are telling the truth
and if you go by the numbers exactly can not go wrong
except for things they expect you to already know.
It is like many of these formulas are only written
for other experts to use and not the layman who might
simply want a new tool in his toolbox.

I have spoken with engineers and they tell me that
the scientists will have them build things but the
scientists all have their heads in the clouds
and that why the engineers are there to take
the ideas and make real working models
out of the ideas that come from the scientists.
Only the engineers really understand the
capabilities and limitations of current technology.

Please be patient with me, I understand science is the
right place to argue because only the truth stands
up over time to argument.
And science is a world where arguments can rule
without having people kill each other.

Positive identification of any individual
is not usually as easy as simply looking
them up in whatever book. For the sake
of my own sanity I shall accept your words
here as the gosipal truth. (My spelling is and 
was and shall always be terrible).

I am not trying to shine a negative light on you
but simply understand for myself the physical
universe. If I had been more intelligent I
would have tried for a physics/math degree
sort of like that god named oppenheimer.

Can you tell me how, say 15 femto watts received at my
station during the work day will translate to the various power sources.
Like is that 15 femtowatts per square foot ???
If you add up all the square feet for the entire
Phoenix area ( Circle 60 miles in diameter ) do
you get a realistic idea of the energy disappearing
into Universal Entropy ? Can you tell how many ergs
are being used in this vicinity over the course of a year ??

Is it possible to look at the energy received here
from an Earthquake and translate that energy back
to its source so many great circle degrees away ?

Can you tell me in layman terms how to do that
with my limited knowledge ?

I had the unfortunate luck to be born to
a father that hated Technicians/ Technologists/
Scientists and Engineers. Otherwise I would
have pursued that line of study. He was a very
smart blue collar type.
Im nor crying about this just trying
to make you understand why I ask the questions i ask.
Must seem rediculous to you.
But its important to my understanding.

Also, I need a source of cheap ( but good)
1/4 watt metal film resistors but everyone like wants
many cents for them. Is there any place where I might get
a kit of 5000 resistors ( various selections E(whatever)of values )
maybe less than 100 USD ???

Also I need several 4.7uF poly caps and cant seem to find them also.
I have been taking the 1u radio shack poly and sloldering
them into a couple really really big ones :-( .
They work like champs but a real pain to build.
Electrolytics are no good on the front end.
Got to use poly or some other non-polar non-electrolytic type.

Also, is it possible to build a meshed capacitor plate
that you can use as a bridge network of lets say
15KHz to linerarly sense ground motion ?
How many pico per micro inch must change
Does the plate have to be misshapened to
compensate for non-linearities like log or Conic function
(circular, elliptical, parabolic,hyperbolic) or just plain linear ?
I imagine it might rest in a bath of oil which could act
as a dielectric as well as dampener. It might look
something like the old ganged air caps of old radio days.

Have you ever heard of any kind of varactor sensor
for seismic designs ?

On the lighter side i understand that background radiation is a
function of altitude ??

Im serious except the last one above.


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